Social Stinger Mastermind Reviews

Because we ran out “space” on our Testimonials page, we’re going to create this page solely for the purpose of what our mastermind students have to say about our Facebook ads mastermind.  These are REAL STUDENTS … REAL RESULTS … Enjoy!









I just like to thank and appreciate Teo for providing the foundations towards the building of my ecom journey, helping me to achieve my current results of above $40k a mth from $8k a mth before I met him..

Ray A

Mercedez Just hit her first $2k/day!

Hey guys! I simply copied what teo did yesterday duplicated my 2 out of 4 winning addsets 10x with random $3-5 budget. below are my results and by the way from last 10 days i was stuck on average $30 sales.

Rashid Agha

Max doing $200 per day!

Hit $10K last month… going for $50K this month !! I want $10K in NET profits for september and I know with absolute certainty that it will happen !! Thank you @teovanyo and everyone else who helped me

Mike Filev

Sandora hitting $2k per day!

Finally hit that 100k mark under 2 months!

Jay Feliciano

Alexandra at $300 a day in just 45 days!

Teo, this is the 1st day of launching watch ads and 1st time cross over 100/day after join you. Thanks.

Michael Chai

Just after watching 4 videos inside the mastermind …


after our call i put out the new product you helped me find and ive been watching all the sessions. im up to session 18 and ive learned to scale by age and gender and device and i have 6 adsets running at $10 a day and there all broken down by age and gender and device and i have 3 of them at below $2 CPR

Gilad Nahmani