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Imagine Having A Dedicated Social Media Account Manager Get You Results Like This …

What if … For every $1 dollar you spend, you could make back $3 on your FB Ads Campaign?


… That’s exactly what we did with one of our client campaigns!


… And check out this campaign making $4 for every $1 spent!

… And ANOTHER campaign pulling in 16.69% add to cart conversions, 9.86% checkouts and 6% conversion rates! That’s TRIPLE the industry standard of 1-2% store conversions.

Most people do not understand the power of Social Media and how it can help improve their customer’s engagement and even help with sales! Many business and small business owners also don’t have the time to spend 50-80 hours a week to manage and keep up with their multiple social media accounts … This is where we come in! We will help you build out your social media accounts so that you can also start generating results through the help of a marketing expert.

Done For You Facebook Ads Management Service

If you are not marketing on places like Facebook and Twitter, you might be losing money to your competitors who are! Most business owners do not understand how they can get clients on Facebook or how they can get sales from Twitter …

We have spoken to hundreds of business owners & their most painful experiences in online marketing are the following :

Your Very Own DEDICATED Social Media Team

Imagine having to hire graphic designers, a FB ad specialist, copywriters and data entry researchers… This is exactly what goes on in a Social media company professionally running and managing high performing ads on Facebook.  We have our entire team of graphic designers, copywriters, target interest researchers and FB ad specialists working around the clock on your campaigns.  You could spend endless hours of frustration trying to do all of this yourself and by the time you’re done, it won’t be worth it.  Let us do everything for you and get your campaigns started. You’re a smart marketer – don’t try to do this alone!


Social Reputation Branding

We understand that your reputation on the internet is EVERYTHING in your business and this is why we will monitor and give you reports on what’s going on in the web!

Your Own Dedicated Expert

You will get a dedicated social media expert to help you every step of the way, as would a personal coach and mentor.

Build Massive Social Traffic

    We will help you boost your traffic by using social media and customer interaction through these channels to help bring you more leads and sales.

Let Us Engage Your Audience Like Never Before!

How It Works

We have helped over 578+ clients develop their social media branding and traffic by using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We have the knowledge and experience to help you bring in more qualified buyers to your business by using highly targeted ads and placements for potential NEW clients.

Step #1 - Business Evaluation
We will evaluate your social media and your business model so we can understand better how we can help you bring leads and clients through Facebook.
Step #2 - Creating FB Ads
Our team of experts will create specific FaceBook Ads to generate sales and leads for your business.
Step #3 - Facebook Strategy
If you are on the executive package, we will create Facebook ads to promote your product / service and business. The Facebook ads will come with all targeting and conversion optimization so that you will spend less money to make more sales.
Step #4 - Social Media Reputation Monitoring
We will monitor your social media account on Facebook to ensure that your clients are happy and that fans are enjoying the contents being posted on your pages.
Step #5 - New Products Added
We will add your products and services onto your social media profiles as well as help you do the promotions by using sponsored posts to boost leads and sales.

Live Dedicated Social Media Expert

You will be able to talk to a live expert and get help with an expert that’s going to build up your social media profiles. We care about your business and we stand behind our customer support by giving you a dedicated social media expert with whom you have access to via chat, email and phone support.  You will be able to talk to a live person whenever you have any questions or inquiries.

We will help you every step of the way to building out your social media presence and helping you get more leads and customers from these accounts. You will see how much of a difference the live dedicated social media expert will do for your business giving you the best advice to help you grow.

Facebook Fan Page Service

We will work on your existing fan page, or create a new one from scratch and build up quality posts that will attract new buyers to your business.  Our Facebook fan page service comes with all of the packages listed on our website and we will help you grow out your member’s base.  We will create daily posts onto your Facebook page to help your customers keep engaging with the contents and your brand.

Facebook Ads

We will create FB ads working with your budget to help you get direct customers to your business online or offline and bring traffic to your doorsteps in real-time.  You won’t ever have to worry about learning the complicated Facebook advertising platform or worry about creating any ads. We do all of this for you and we will help you find the best converting and winning ads.

We Will Manage Your
  • Facebook Ad Spend
  • Advertising Campaign Conversions
  • Newsfeed 1200x1200 Custom Images
  • Conversion Pixels
  • Ad Budgeting And Campaign Distribution

Working For You Like 1000 Worker Bees

If you are in the process of getting some social media presence for your business or already have some presence but would like to see more results, this service is for you…

We have developed this service in mind for our clients who have a business online or offline and would like to get more targeted traffic. If you are struggling in getting more online presence through social media, this service is for you. If you need help and guidance from a qualified dedicated expert who will work with you 1 on 1, this is or you.

Grow Your Social Audience & Capture More Media Attention

 Get You More Targeted Clients & Happy Customer Reviews

Build Up Your Social Profile & Branding For Trust & Credibility

You Could Get Results Like This Using Our Services …

Our Aggressive Facebook Advertising Service

We will create a variety of ads on Facebook using your ad budget up to $5,000 per month and manage your entire FB marketing to help you get more clients and buyers to your business. We have a strategic method of placing ads and generating leads for your business online and/or offline.

Facebook Ad Management Up To $5,000 Per Month

Custom Facebook Optimized Landing Pages

Fully Developed Split Test A/B Campaigns

Retargeting Campaigns To Boost Conversions

The main reason why we call this our Aggressive Facebook Advertising Service is because we create various tests and create multiple A/B campaigns to help you spend less money and make more money. We will remove the losing campaigns and keep the winning campaigns for you to help you keep spending money on the advertising that is converting very well. Realistically not every campaign will be a winner and this is why we aggressively create multiple ads and landing pages to test out conversions for you. We want to ensure that you are getting results from the campaigns that we are running for you so that you will get the results you are looking for. We also do retargeting campaigns by putting a pixel on your most crucial pages on your website and stores such as your checkout page, your thank you page, and on your main landing page. This ensures that we are targeting the right people and that we will be able to re-target them and bring them back to your website if they have not made a purchase yet. This is a powerful tool that many Facebook marketers use to boost conversions dramatically and sometimes even up to 40-60%.

Let’s Get Your Facebook Ads Started Today!

Facebook Ads Custom Package

Custom 5K Package
  • *** You Must Be Already Spending Over $5,000+ Per Month On FB Ads ***
  • Real Time Stats
  • No Locked-in Contracts
  • Graphics, Research, Sales Copy, & Dedicated Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Full support with chat/email/phone
  • Re-target Strategy
  • Targeted Audience For Business
  • 100+ New Products Added (Optional)
  • Custom Ad Budget Over $5,000+
  • ***We take custom 15% of Ad Spend each month for this package***
  • **** We Don’t Cover Your Marketing FB Ads Cost ****
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Some Of Our Client’s Earnings & Testimonials

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 Social Stinger has exceeded my expectations with products, services, and as a company.  I became a client of Social Stinger July 15th, 2016.  The One on One Coaching I have had with Rocky, has been the best I have had from any program I have purchased.   I am a newbie and Rocky has had unbelievable patience and understanding with me, explaining the same things numerous times until I understand.  Rocky has treated my shopify store and driving the FB traffic to it as if it were his own.  When Rocky tells me he is going to set up ads, add products, etc., the Social Stinger team wastes no time and completes the task immediately.

I have saved 100’s of dollars so far since joining Social Stinger and believe I will save 1000’s as time goes on.  Beyond the savings, I have saved valuable personal time which you cannot put a price on.  I have a full time job and a busy family life, so working with Social Stinger has allowed me to pursue my goal of being my own boss and still take care of my other responsibilities.

What surprised me most about Social Stinger was the way they over-delivered from day one on their commitment to me.  I had some bad experiences with other companies and was a little skeptical, but they ensured me from the start they would make good on their promises.  The team at Social Stinger has been awesome, and I cannot say enough about my personal coach Rocky, who like I said earlier, has treated my store and the FB advertising being driven to it like it is his own store.
Thanks again to the Social Stinger team and i look forward to a long and successful working relationship!!
George Genzel

New Sales On Brand New Stores!






So…Jason asked me if I could share a bit more about how I got to doing $3k/day in my store. So here we go. I’ve been wanting to get into ecommerce for just a few months – I actually avoided it initially, but then a good friend of mine showed me what he was doing with drop shipping, and I was hooked!
I started putting together my own store, but I suck at design, and it just held me back. So when I saw a promo for Social Stinger, I hit them up & paid them to build a niche site on Shopify for me. The theme they installed was professional and had lots of great elements for conversions. They also handled my facebook comments for bit and I learned a TON about how to create engagement. They posted a viral video and other great images for me.
I actually ended up changing my niche, but I kept the theme they installed for me. Then, I think you’ll find this interesting…I started running traffic using my own landing page and a buy button, totally skipping the store. It went okay, but…I got the idea to send people straight to the store, and when they started landing directly on my product pages, the conversions went from 25% to 75%.
So basically…Social Stinger’s theme increased my conversions by 300%. How’s that for a good product? Not to mention that I didn’t have to deal with trying to figure out colors and designs.

Liane Carmi

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Frequently Asked Questions

q-icon  How Will You Get Me New Clients On Social Media?

We will target your social media towards specific categories and keywords by using interests specific demographics.  We use tools to find the perfect audience and client avatar to send them over to your business through your fan pages.

q-icon  How Soon Will My Business Fan Page Be Up?

Normally it takes about 1 week to have everything fully setup. As long as you provide the information we need it gets setup really quickly. Faster you send us the information the faster we are with your business page.

q-icon  Can You Target Any Brand?

Yes we can. Our dedicated team has done over 100 different types of businesses. Our goal is to prove to you we can be the right fit.

q-icon  How Soon Do I See Results?

Each business brand is different so it will vary depending on the industry. We do a lot of testing and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Once we figure it out you’ll see the results yourself.