Imagine Having Hands-Free Shopify
Built 100% Done-For-You!

Let Us Worry About The Development – Start Making Sales Quicker!

Let Us Build Your Business & Get Set Up To Sell Quick!

Creating These E-Commerce Shopify Sites
Can Take Up To 50-100+ Working Hours To Develop
But What If You Let Us Do Everything From A-Z?

That’s 29.95 Every Few Minutes!

We’ve Made It Extremely Simple For You

We take care of everything on your website 100% Done-For-You and hands free so you won’t have to worry about a thing!  We will even do the markup and price changes so that you will always make a profit from every single item sold.

Product Selection

We Add All The Products You Need.

Professional Logo Design

We Create A Unique Logo For Each Branded Site.


We Configure The Stores For You

Niche Selection

We will help you find the right niche to start with

Header Graphics

We Create Your Header Graphics

Fulfillment Sheet

We get you everything you need for fulfillment

Google Indexing

Help pinging your site on social networks

ALL Done-For-You

Everything Is Completely Done-For-You when it comes to your store build.

Sites Like These Can Take Up To
50-100+ Hours To Create!

Now You Can Let Us Create Your Sites 100% Hands-Free!

We Did ALL Of The Hard Work For You Already …

The best part about all of this is that everything is DFY (done for you).  You won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to building up your E-commerce online store.  From A-Z, we take care of your entire store’s product line and even helping you find the HOTTEST products that are selling today.

Our complete FULL SERVICE e-commerce store development comes with everything you need to start your business of selling and dropshipping products on the internet.  Even if you are a complete BEGINNER, you will be able to get started in your business.  We do everything for you and it’s all taken care of through our entire service process.

How It Works

Step #1 - You Pick From Available Niches

You can choose your niche(s) for your website(s) based on our list that we will provide for you. Since these are limited, we only have what’s available.

Step #2 - Domain Selection Process

Our professional support team will help you get ideas so you can select the right domain. We will research on what we can find for you, in some cases we may not be able to.

Step #3 - We Do Your Logo

Once you’ve picked your domain, we will create a professional logo based on your domain and get your store BRANDED.

Step #4 - Payment Gateway Setup

After everything is completed and ready to launch, we will finally add your payment gateway from credit card processing to paypal information. All information is kept highly secured and we never share any of your information to ANYONE.

Step #5 - Ready To Start Selling

Once you have your domain, logo and store all set up – you are READY to start selling.

What You Will Get For Each Site…

You Get One Of Our Proven High Selling Niches

We will help you find products that you can dropship or you can let us know which niches you would like to start selling products! There are literally HUNDREDS of niches out there that you can make money with today!

A $50 Value

Our Stores Are Already Setup Ready To Sell

We use specific themes to match your store’s contents as well as niche. We create stunning logos as well as any header images that will match your store’s contents and aesthetic feel to help turn visitors into BUYERS.

A $1500 Value

Your Markups Are Already Calculated For Maximum Profits

Let us also do the markup of your products and ensure that you will ALWAYS be PROFITABLE. Not only will we add the products onto your website, but we will make sure that the numbers are right.

A $200 Value

Your Products Are Professional Done For You

Not only will we add your products onto your website, but we will also add them with UNIQUE descriptions! All of your products will be added with unique titles and descriptions.

A $500 Value

Overall a $2,250 Value…

Im Giving You My $2000 Theme As A Bonus!

Instead of worrying about how to build these sites and spending upwards of 50-100+ hours just to create these sites, let our team of expertly trained staff build them for you!  We will do everything from A-Z and even do the pricing mark up on products so that you can start to PROFIT without having to lift a finger.  You won’t have to do any of the development work which takes up 95% of the business time dealt.  We take care of all the headaches so you won’t have to yourself! We Have ALREADY

  • Figured out the best niches
  • Inserted the top selling products
  • Added the highest margins
  • Did all of the legwork so you don’t have to!

Standard Package

$997/One Time
  • Fully Developed Ecommerce Site
  • Custom Theme and Designs
  • Researched Dropshipper Niche
  • Researched Authority Domains
  • Profit Margin Mark Ups
  • Up to 100 Products
  • 1 Ecommerce Site
  • $997 Per Site
Get Started

Premium Package

$2691/One Time
  • Fully Developed Ecommerce Site
  • Custom Theme and Designs
  • Researched Dropshipper Niche
  • Researched Authority Domains
  • Profit Margin Mark Ups
  • Up to 300 Products
  • 3 Ecommerce Sites
  • $897 Per Site
Get Started

Executive Package

$3985/One Time
  • Fully Developed Ecommerce Site
  • Custom Theme and Designs
  • Researched Dropshipper Niche
  • Researched Authority Domains
  • Profit Margin Mark Ups
  • Up to 500 Products
  • 5 Ecommerce Sites
  • $797 Per Site
Get Started

Client Testimonials

So…Jason asked me if I could share a bit more about how I got to doing $3k/day in my store. So here we go. I’ve been wanting to get into ecommerce for just a few months – I actually avoided it initially, but then a good friend of mine showed me what he was doing with drop shipping, and I was hooked.

I started putting together my own store, but I suck at design, and it just held me back. So when I saw a promo for Social Stinger, I hit them up & paid them to build a niche site on Shopify for me. The theme they installed was professional and had lots of great elements for conversions. They also handled my facebook comments for bit and I learned a TON about how to create engagement. They posted a viral video and other great images for me.

I actually ended up changing my niche, but I kept the theme they installed for me. Then, I think you’ll find this interesting…I started running traffic using my own landing page and a buy button, totally skipping the store. It went okay, but…I got the idea to send people straight to the store, and when they started landing directly on my product pages, the conversions went from 25% to 75%.

So basically…Social Stinger’s theme increased my conversions by 300%. How’s that for a good product? Not to mention that I didn’t have to deal with trying to figure out colors and designs.

Liane Carmi

Hey guys I just got my FIRST REAL SALE. I know you guys do a lot of accounts for a lot of people.  But I wanted to say thank you I hope this is the beginning of something huge.  I appreciate what you guys are doing.

Gene Frazier

I worked with Social Stinger in their DFY service and I highly recommend the services that he provides. He is very technical and has the knowledge and the experience that you need as a newbie in the internet marketing and eCommerce. I really enjoy the services, because you can ask questions and learn what they are doing with your business so in the future you can take your own way and be successful online. Thanks for your support and quality services.

Rolando R Allamby

I worked with Social Stinger in their DFY service and I highly recommend the services that he provides. He is very technical and has the knowledge and the experience that you need as a newbie in the internet marketing and eCommerce.

Chris Yearling

Hi guys, just a quick message to say thank you for your work on my shopify store and the FB page that you put together for me. Very much appreciated your responsiveness and advice to the different questions that I had; all solved swiftly and professionally. All the best and I believe that we will cooperate again in the future. Cheers!

Petre Madalin Nanau

Social Stinger has exceeded my expectations with products, services, and as a company.  I became a client of Social Stinger July 15th, 2016.  The One on One Coaching I have had with Rocky, has been the best I have had from any program I have purchased.   I am a newbie and Rocky has had unbelievable patience and understanding with me, explaining the same things numerous times until I understand.  Rocky has treated my shopify store and driving the FB traffic to it as if it were his own.  When Rocky tells me he is going to set up ads, add products, etc., the Social Stinger team wastes no time and completes the task immediately.

I have saved 100’s of dollars so far since joining Social Stinger and believe I will save 1000’s as time goes on.  Beyond the savings, I have saved valuable personal time which you cannot put a price on.  I have a full time job and a busy family life, so working with Social Stinger has allowed me to pursue my goal of being my own boss and still take care of my other responsibilities.

What surprised me most about Social Stinger was the way they over-delivered from day one on their commitment to me.  I had some bad experiences with other companies and was a little skeptical, but they ensured me from the start they would make good on their promises.  The team at Social Stinger has been awesome, and I cannot say enough about my personal coach Rocky, who like I said earlier, has treated my store and the FB advertising being driven to it like it is his own store.
Thanks again to the Social Stinger team and i look forward to a long and successful working relationship!!
George Genzel

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the support I have received since getting your DFY service. I have 5 stores and I am completely new to E Commerce. Every time I have a question or concern I have gotten quick and very courteous replies and the problem solved. Thank you again…I look forward to having a long prosperous relationship, for both of us.

Brad Tobin

Thank you for the great Survival Page you made for me. Excellent content and quick professional service. Highly recommended!

Lana Both

Words can’t state what a GREAT job Social Stinger did for me – but the website and fan page can – – I have just placed my order for a second site and fan page — thanksSocial Stinger – you guys are great – PS: one other bonus of dealingSocial Stinger — they RESPOND to support questions quickly (even my dumb ones)

Stephen Love‎

Great working with the Social Stinger team. I have a store that was done by them and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of their work. I found them responsive, helpful and resourceful.

Thanks guys and have a great day.

Joe Theriault‎


Social Stinger has made 2 great DFY Shopify sites for us, each of them with 50 products, and with a fully done Fan page in Facebook! It all looks great, and I really appreciate the work and the finished product. A couple small issues was answered and resolved very swiftly. I look forward to keep in touch with those guys that obviously know the game! One thing I apreciated specially, was the Excel worksheet enclosed with all prices and profit pr product. Great work!
All best from Gewi/Geir

Geir Sivertsen‎

Wow, the Social Stinger team were awesome, they had 2 sites ready to go in 2 weeks and 2 fanpages set up in 2 weeks” They were responsive to our needs and we are going to order more from them.” Cheers – Lisa and Dee

Lisa Temperton

I want to thank the Social Stinger team for such quality and awesome work on my 2 FB fan pages .The pages was beautiful and well done. every day they provide great contents and post great pictures that are very relevant to my niches.There customer support is tremendous and the services they offer has exceeded my expectations.I Highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to get a great fan page started .Great service thank you for such great work !

Jacqueline Barrett‎

Social Stinger is the #1 resource to finding the best tools, resources and guides to making large amounts of money on the internet. There customer support is tremendous and the services they offer has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend there done for you services to anyone looking to make money online.

J.B. Leighbody‎

I want to thank you SO much for all the awesome work you did on my FB fan page! The posts were perfect for my niche – they all had great content, great pics, and very relevant. The page is looking great and getting numerous new likes every day! Thank you again! Highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to get a great fan page started!

Julie Cooper Hodge‎

Hi Jason, thank you so much for the great job that you and the Social Stinger Team have done setting up my done-for-you stores. They really look very professional, and I think that they will bring a nice revenue once I’ve learned to manage them properly 🙂.

Many thanks for your help guys, your service is truly awesome and I would recommend it to everybody!!!

Carlos Irady Heiss‎

Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you that we will provide everything shown above or we will refund you 100% of any work that has not been completed nor you have not received contact from our support team. We ensure that you will be satisfied with your overall design, product placements and entire ecommerce website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best niches for ecommerce?


There are many niches you can target – if you are not sure of what to sell, we can help you!  We can help you find a list of dropshippers as well as wholesale suppliers for your ecommerce site(s).


Q. What is your money back guarantee?


We offer a money back guarantee on any of the services that we fail to provide.  We will refund you 100% for any of the services that we have not rendered.


Q. What are some additional ways to make more sales on my ecommerce sites?


The best ways to generate more traffic to your ecommerce site is to build it like you would build up an authority / brand on the internet.  You need to reach out to all of your potential marketing channels such as social media, facebook, twitter, google+, paid advertising, google adwords, google shopping networks, and hundreds of other shopping networks on the internet.  Your success is based on your customer base and building up your customer base is crucial to continually having people come back to purchase your products.


Q. Do you guys guarantee any sales?


We will build your ecommerce website but we cannot guarantee any sales from any of the websites we build.  The sales will all depend on a number of factors such as traffic, quality of visitors / buyers, and much more.  We will however support you as best as we can to get you as many sales as possible through our various support channels.


Q. Do you guys also do SEO on my sites?


We also do on-page SEO for each of the products that we add onto your ecommerce website.  We ensure that you are also going to be receiving search engine traffic through the development of your ecommerce sites.


Q. I’m a newbie at this, how much support will I get from you guys?


There is an opportunity to make money with even the most obscure niches because those are the ones that do not have much competition.  Our job is to make sure that y make money with your websites and make you an authority within the niches that you choose.