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Received my website today! 100% completed. Very good support I can say. Whenever I needed them to edit and change as things, they will get it done on the spot! Right now my website are getting traffic from some keywords. I believe more will come. Thanks! I’m a happy customer



Tim Yu

I ordered 5 sites. From the get go I got a quick response & we discussed niches. All my emails were replied super quick & the sites were built fast too & quality looking. I’ve bought a few of these types before but this is definitely the best looking sites & communication. I would recommend this to anyone. Really professional



Matt H.

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I just received my authority site from Teo today, the site is great and was done on time. Teo has found me awesome expired domain name for my chosen niche, articles and categories are exactly as I want. AWESOME JOB !!!

My site has been indexed 70%, traffic will increase daily.

Thank you so much Teo.



DK Paul

I ordered 5 sites and they look great and are coming along nicely. My review here today is on their customer service. I sent an email to them on a weekend and within 30 mins I had a reply, to be honest I nearly fell off the chair.

They deal with everything very quickly and were actually chasing me a few times thru the week. This is the first time i have ever had someone go out of their way to get my reply.



Darren Croft

Ok So What Is This? Make It Simple For Me…

Content Creation

We Create All The Content You Need.

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You can choose your niche(s) for your website(s) based on our list that we will provide for you, or niches that you provide for us. (We never do the same niche website twice)

Step #2 - Domain Selection

We will help you find up to at least 5 branded domains for your website(s) for each niche which you can pick and choose the ones you would like to register.

Step #3 - WordPress Installation

After you have registered your domain for your website(s), you will need to link your domain to your hosting provider. We can help do all of this for you and install the wordpress for you. If you would like to do it yourself, we will just need your wordpress information.

Step #4 - Website Development

Once after we have your wordpress information, we will start developing your website with over 3,500+ niche specific contents on each website. We will also be developing a branded logo, header graphics, contact us pages, privacy policy, blog page, home page and everything to make it look 100% completely professional.

Step #5 - Completion and Monetization

Once after your website is completed, we will help you monetize your website so that you can start making money on your affiliate offers. We will add any banner ads, affiliate links, optin pages, and any additional affiliate tools and softwares you would like to incorporate.

Step #6 - Google Indexing

Once everything is done and in place, Google will also simultaneously start indexing your website so that you can get ranked for the thousands of keywords we will be targeting. We also help you in this process by pinging your website on social networks so that Google will start indexing your website much faster.

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This is the first comment for me in this forum and I hope I am honest with you, because I really can not lie to you nor is it a compliment.  I ordered one site and it looks great and its aweso me. You can check it here =>Dazzling Dessert | Your #1 Mouth Watering Desserts Site

My review here today is on their customer service. I sent an email to them and chat with them. I found them excellent in dealing with me and the speed of their response back to me.  I hope that you forgive the poor quality of writing. I do not know English well

Thanks for all

Ray Rayyan


I ordered one of these sites and I have to say I have actually received some compliments from visitors as to how the site looks. I really think it looks professional too. I have had the site for about a month and it started getting pages indexed with traffic very quickly from the beginning and the traffic is growing, so I am getting ready to monetize it further. This company has been so great to work with, I have gotten answers to every single question about my site and they are willing to explore your goals with you as they create the site for you. They are very knowledgeable about how authority sites work and really want you to succeed, it shows in their service.  I couldn’t be more pleased and will be ordering more stuff from these guys!

Serena Roth


“I found Social Stinger by Accident and let me tell you This, “WOW!! Times 10!”  I seen that they were a brand new business just starting at the end 2014. So thinking this might be one of those Scams that make websites almost perfect and take your money.

“OMG! Was I So Wrong!”

Did my research on site and did not have much to go on because they are Brand New. Teo came in took me by the hand and went through every step with me and helped me. Once my new domain, Oh by the way he provides expired domain names for you to choose from. Once I Registered the Domain!  Teo and his Team went to work! with in 48 hours had a Website that has 3,500 Posts and Videos and has provided 1,000’s of keywords. Please understand ALL of this is Teo and his Team, I had nothing to do with building this site.

I have worked a lot Online with many different Businesses, since 1999. I have never in all those days seen What Teo and his Team can do! Beyond Words! “Teo THANK YOU & Your Team For Everything You Have Done!”

Tony Falasca


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I make money with my website?



There are multiple ways to make money with the Authority sites that we will create for you. One way you will make money on your website is by using banner ads for your affiliate offers. You can also use optin forms to capture your visitor’s email addresses so that you can continually market them your offers.  We have created a few guides here on Affiliate Pig to where you can find over 10+ different ways to make money with your Authority sites.

Q. Does Google allow so many posts on a website? Will my websites penalized because of these number of posts?



Yes, Google actually LOVES large authority sites! We only build niche specific authority sites.  Google will not penalize you because of the number of posts you have on a website.  The more relevant contents that you have on your website, the more authority Google will put on your website.

Q. Will you guys help monetize my website for me?



Yes, we can help monetize your website for you!  We can help you find affiliate offers to add onto your website, but ultimately it will be up to you to check your stats and split test different offers in the long run.

Q. How fast can I make money with my website? Is there an income guarantee?



This can vary based on your niche and how fast Google will index your website. Once Google has indexed your website, they will also start to rank your keywords which you will receive search traffic. The faster you receive traffic, the faster you will make money on your website.

Q. Will I receive support even after my website(s) have been completed?



Yes, most definitely! You will receive unlimited support even after your website(s) have been completed. Here at Affiliate Pig we offer unlimited support for our clients and we will help you any way possible. If you have any questions about your website or need support even after a year of your website’s completion, we will be here for you.

Q. What are the best niches to choose for my authority sites?



There is an opportunity to make money with even the most obscure niches because those are the ones that do not have much competition. Our job is to make sure that y make money with your websites and make you an authority within the niches that you choose.

Q. How fast can I make money with my Authority sites?



This will depend on how fast Google will index your website’s pages. The faster Google indexes the 3,500+ contents on each website we build for you, the faster you will start to see first page rankings for multiple long tail keywords. These keywords will be the traffic driving force for your business. You will be able to then obtain search traffic and redirect them to your affiliate banners and offers directly from your website.

Q. What if my website is not performing?



If a website is not performing very well based on the niche and not generating enough search engine traffic, we will replace the website for you free of charge. This is part of our 100% risk free guarantee and we ensure your satisfaction. We want to ensure that each and every one of our clients are completely satisfied and that is our mission.